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James Koehler
Phone: (715) 568-2403
Email: jameskoehler@ci.bloomer.wi.us

Welcome to the City of Bloomer Official Web Site. We hope you enjoy and find useful the information that has been compiled on this site.

The City of Bloomer is an excellent place to live, work and raise a family. We have small town appeal, population of 3500, with big town conveniences. Our growing community has Bloomer Medical Center (a Mayo Facility) an excellent K-12 school system, a first rate library, and our own city newspaper, the Bloomer Advance. The City of Bloomer also has 3 thriving industrial parks, while the downtown area has many shops, restaurants, and businesses that fit the everyday needs of life. Eau Claire and the Twin Cities are a short drive away for big city atmosphere.

The City of Bloomer promotes a high quality of life to keep the city friendly and safe. We have a full time police department and volunteer fire and ambulance staff. The children can ride their bikes anywhere in town without fear.

For recreation in the nicer months there is a golf course, 4 parks, and 1 playground to enjoy. During the winter months there is an ice rink, sledding hill, snowmobile and cross-country trails. We also have a beautiful 100 acre lake and a newly renovated beach and beach house.

If you have any questions please contact Sandi Frion, City Administrator, E-mail sfrion@ci.bloomer.wi.us

Click Here to See Past Mayors of Bloomer.


Administrator/Clerk Treasurer

Sandi Frion
Sandi is the present Administrator/Clerk Treasurer. She has been in this position since 2017. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sandi at (715) 568-3032 or E-mail sfrion@ci.bloomer.wi.us

City Hall Employees

Renee Mullen is the Computer Operator/Utility Clerk.  She administers all utility billing and collections for the utility.  She has been employed with the city since July 2009.  She can be reached at (715) 568-3331, or by email at rmullen@ci.bloomer.wi.us.

Debora LaGesse is the Deputy Clerk for the City.  She is responsible for accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc. for the city and utilities.  She has been employed with the City since March 1995. She can be reached at (715) 568-3032, or by email at dlagesse@ci.bloomer.wi.us.

City Council Members

1st Ward:
  Chad Baribeau (715) 944-4038
Email: cbaribeau@ci.bloomer.wi.us

2nd Ward:
  Jon Reischel  (715) 559-4905
Email:  jonreischel@ci.bloomer.wi.us

3rd Ward:
Kevin Meinen  (715) 568-2990
  Email: kevinmeinen@ci.bloomer.wi.us

4th Ward:
  Jason Bauch  (715) 933-0068
Email:  jasonbauch@ci.bloomer.wi.us


If you have any questions, please call the appropriate phone number above or E-mail sfrion@ci.bloomer.wi.us

Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator

Tony Rubenzer (715) 568-3905 or (715) 933-2871



Tammy Baribeau 
Brian Yohnk
Barb Boetcher
Melissa Monnier
Justin Kunsman, 1st Alternate                                              Bill Hable, 2nd Alternate

Rick Zwiefelhofer
Gary Lueck
Don Stoik
Jared Zwiefelhofer 
Dave Gunderson
Jim Koehler
Kevin Meinen

Denise Michelson (School Board Rep.)
Jason Bauch (Council Rep)
Kellie Anderson
Shirley Meindel (County Rep)
Kim Summerfield
Nancy Paulson
Lynda Fechter (County Rep)

Billy Bleskacek
Anita Amodt
Justin Kunsman
Greg Loew
Delores Klund
Jon Reischel (Council Rep)

Teri Smith
Matt Asplund
Randy Jones
Jon Reischel                                                                         Theresa Derusha

Susan Carlson – Chairman
Janet Thur
Marion Zwiefelhofer
Kevin Meinen
John Kiecker

Greg Boetcher, Chief Inspector
Barb Hassemer, Chief Inspector
Pete Gehring, Alt. Chief Inspector

Paul Salm
Jim Koehler
Randy Summerfield
Sandi Frion
Greg Loew

Jim Koehler
Sandi Frion
Chad Baribeau
Jason Bauch






  City of Bloomer
1503 Main Street
Bloomer, WI 54724
Phone: 715-568-3032
Email Us: sstoik@ci.bloomer.wi.us
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