City of Bloomer - Common Council Agenda

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - 5:15pm

City of Bloomer

Regular Meeting

1503 Main Street

Bloomer, WI 54724

August 10th, 2022, 5:15 p.m.

I.             Call to Order                              

    II.            Roll Call:              Mayor Koehler; Aldermen Meinen, Zwiefelhofer, Baribeau, Reischel; Administrator Frion; Attorney Gierhart

III.           Pledge of Allegiance

    IV.          Approval of minutes from the July 27th, 2022, Common Council meeting.

V.            Approval of all claims against the City and Utilities

    VI.          Public hearing on the levying of special assessments – (Priddy Street from 17th Avenue south to the bridge. Oak Street from 17th Avenue south approximately 300 feet. 18th Avenue from Priddy Street to the west approximately 40’. 19th Avenue to the west approximately 80’ and 7th Ave from Riggs Street to Oak Street. Priddy Street from 6th Avenue to 40’ south of 9th Avenue. 9th Avenue from 40’ west of Priddy Street to 205’ east of Priddy Street)

VI.          Public wishing to be heard

                (Comments from the public will be limited to five minutes per speaker.)

VII.         General Reports

                    1.    Department Managers Reports

                    2.    Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer Report

                    3.    Alderperson Comments

                    4.    Mayor Comments

     VIII.        Business Items

  1. Discussion and consideration on Resolution #12-22:  Final Resolution levying special assessment against benefitted property in the City of Bloomer.
  2. Discussion and consideration on repair of retaining wall on Oak Street bridge.
  3. Discussion and consideration on transfer of land to VFW.
  4. Discussion and consideration on detachment petition submitted by Burton Development, LLC.
  5. Discussion and consideration on detachment petition submitted by Garret and Kari Zwiefelhofer.
  6. Discussion and consideration on Street Use Permit for Bloomer Floral on 14th Avenue for October 8th.
  7. Discussion and consideration on a Live Music License for Bloomer Floral on October 8th.
  8. Discussion and consideration on Temporary Class “B” license for the Bloomer Community Visitors Center on September 9th at the Bloomer Fairgrounds.
  9. Discussion and consideration on Live Music License for the Bloomer Community Visitors Club on September 10th at the Bloomer Fairgrounds.
  10. Review process for City Administrator/Clerk/-Treasurer annual performance evaluation.

                            IX.         Adjournment